Build it and thev will come...

Build it and thev will come...

I know, I know.. .that phrase is used over and over again but it fits perfectly with what I want to talk about.

My clients, for the most part, are experiencing solid growth right now. Their phones are ringing, they are getting referrals and they are enjoying what they do. Okay, now does that sound like bragging.. .not meant to be. Just a statement of fact.

Truthfully, I'm not really that surprised because they are focused and committed or they wouldn't have called me and they certainly wouldn't pay me. We work together to identify the holes and what is causing pain and then fill those holes and eradicate the pain.

But, I still wondered, what was happening that caused the door to swing open so wide and I think I figured out (and one of my clients articulated it beautifully). My clients are ready to receive new clients. They have hired the best folks, they have put processes in place, they have a strategic plan and they are positioned to be a resource to their community, their clients, their referrals sources, their friends and their family.

It's really that simple. I believe when you are struggling with being so involved in the day to day operations of your firm, you are simply not ready to receive and you are basically self-sabotaging your growth.

Not that hard of a concept and yet so many have not figured it out.

Get your shop and your personal life in it and they WILL come!

Take care, Ginny

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Get it in Writing!

Get it in Writing!

I frequently work with clients who tell me they're having difficulty with their staff. No one knows who's supposed to do what, there is frequent redundancy in work, there are clashes among staff over who is supposed to do what. Does any of this sound familiar? If it does, my next question would be, do you have Position Statements for each of your staff including you? If not, this is more than likely the cause of the discourse.

Again, you've heard me say this...most of us did not get into business for ourselves to manage folks. However, if you're going to have staff, either you're going to have to do it or you must hire someone to do it - those of you who know me know I always advocate the latter...a good COO can solve many of these problems. However, one step you can take without hiring someone is to make sure everyone in your organization has a Position Statement - a document that lays out very carefully what they are specifically responsible for within your organization. 

You write it (or hire someone like me to assist you), knock it around with the staff member until its accurate (there are more than likely things they are doing you don't even realize and others you assume they are doing and they are not) and then you both sign it. This document then becomes the basis for reviews, bonuses, etc.The other thing it does is it clarifies very carefully what everyone is doing. There is no more bickering over it, no more redundancy and it helps your organization run more efficiently and smoothly. It also empowers the staff members to make decisions in their area of responsibility and become experts in those areas.

You can also include a comp plan in this document if you'd like. However, either way, you should share the pages of the document that outline responsibilities with every member of the staff (post them on an intranet, put them in the employee manual but make sure everyone knows what everyone else is doing).

Let me know if I can assist you in this endeavor and as always feel free to visit my website for more info. Take care, Ginny

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What Do Your Clients Think About You and Your Firm...Why Don't You Just Ask Them?

What Do Your Clients Think About You and Your Firm...Why Don't You Just Ask Them?

When was the last time you asked your clients what they really think about you and your firm? What do  they value and what do they really not value that might be taking up an inordinate amount of your time?

Why does it make sense to be doing something that might not even be valued by your clients? It doesn't so now is a good time to find out exactly where you should be focusing your time.

My favorite resource for finding out is Advisor Impact's Client Audit Their survey methods allow you to get the best information not only on what your clients value and don't value but also provides opportunities for you to have high impact conversations with clients as well as marketing opportunities. I recommend my clients conduct this survey every two years.

So don't guess, get out there and ask!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to call me or visit my site and see how I can help.

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Office Clutter... time to take it seriously

Office Clutter... time to take it seriously

Okay, I will admit we all have different work styles. I myself, prefer order. A place for everything and everything in its place. I like lists - lists of things to do - lists of things I want do. A way to keep order and compensate for my horrible short term memory. 

Still, I occasionally go into client's offices and what I see is nothing short of a natural disaster. It looks like a funnel cloud ransacked the place. Piles of papers, files, post it notes, magazines, get the picture. And enviably, they tell me, "but I work best in chaos" and to that, I say.. .what a crock!

Nobody works well in that kind of situation and let me tell you what I believe the biggest reason for this is (in my opinion)'s overwhelming, it's depressing, it's a big reason that so many people become "frozen" by their daily work and can't make any progress. Additionally, when you keep files and loads of paper in your office, you reduce the efficiencies in your office by slowing down retrieval and access by your staff or yourself to documents you need. They are not where they should be and subsequently, this slows down the flow of work, sometimes to a crawl as you and/or your staff take precious time to search for what they need,  many times that being one piece of paper.

Here is a link to a book on that for $9.95 will  walk you through decluttering your office space (and along the way address your excuses for  not doing so and the rewards of completing this task). It might not sound important but it is! It can, in extreme cases, have a large impact on how  much you and your staff get work accomplished and feel about your workspace and in very extreme cases, cause a compliance nightmare or something to be dropped or poorly handled for a client.

Now get moving!

Call me or visit my site, if I can assist. Ginny

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