"If mediocrity is your goal, that's easy to attain." -- Mark Tibergien

We work with your firm to build a strategic plan or roadmap, if you will, so you can achieve your goals and live the quality of life you deserve. We believe no one can truly build the firm of their dreams without a strategic plan.  With no direction, it's very difficult to reach your destination. 

Let me ask you this question.  Do you have stacks of slide decks and articles sitting on your desk/credenza/file cabinets of ideas you want to implement? If you answered "Yes," you are not alone. When forming this firm, Ginny realized that most advisors know where they want to go (although they frequently need assistance in articulating it), they just don't know how to do everything they need to do and IMPLEMENT these ideas. 

That's where we come in. Through weekly calls with you and sometimes other members of your staff, we will be the driving force behind you, providing the momentum you and your staff need to bring these ideas to fruition, thereby creating the firm of your dreams! 

At TSI, we work with you and your team to evaluate every aspect of your firm from business development, to your service model, from operations to staffing and we break it down and build your strategic plan based on your personal and business goals. In other words, we work with you to build YOUR IDEAL FIRM, whatever that means to you.

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