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Most financial advisors choose their careers because they love their work – but few bargain on the debilitating bind of being a small business owner. Suddenly you have a whole team around you - all hungry for the right skills, processes, and leadership to move your business forward. You’re working til you drop (family life, what even is that?), yet change is frustratingly out of reach. Now you’re spinning around with no idea where to turn. Ready to get back the quality of life you deserve?

360˚ Perspective

We look at every aspect of your business operation – and speak to every team member – so you a have complete understanding of the gaps and obstacles.

Practice management

We come onboard as part of your team, joining your meetings, jumping on daily calls, hiring new staff, literally whatever it takes to make positive change happen.

Smart Processes

Scaling up can be bitter sweet, bringing a new set of hurdles to overcome. We help you implement efficient, repeatable processes so you can grow with ease.

"We felt like we were getting Executive Coaching AND deep practice management help in one package’

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How to expand your hiring pool exponentially

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Get a financial planning business that runs itself

Life is short, and your time is a precious, non-renewable resource. After putting all that effort into building your firm, we believe you deserve to reap the rewards, whatever that means to you.

At The Strategic Implementer, we’ve helped hundreds of advisors regain quality of life by equipping them with a clear, achievable plan and hands-on support to set up a self-run, hassle-free business.


I reached out to The Strategic Implementer at the recommendation of one of my vendors.  We had a good initial call and they listened intently to the challenges I was experiencing in my firm.  I had good growth but struggled with how to structure my team and not repeat the hiring mistakes of the past.  I was also looking for a strategic partner and sounding board to help me with the direction of the firm so I could meet my personal and business goals.

Ginny & Brian have helped me build a great team, with strong, self-motivated individuals who “get” what we’re doing at the firm.  They think like owners and I can count on them to support our clients and each other.

I know that business owners often feel isolated, wondering what other advisory firm owners are doing, what’s working, and what’s not working and Ginny & Brian help us in the tough decisions either with their strategic ideas or by connecting us with other clients of theirs experiencing the same challenges.

I’m grateful to have them along as a strategic partner.

Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA®

President & Founder
Flourish Wealth Management Edina,

Your Culture

Refine your values and understand what it takes to build a flourishing workplace.

Team Accountability

No more letting the tough stuff slide onto the back burner – you and your team will have a partner dedicated to measuring progress and keeping all of you on track so you can be sure your business is moving forward.

What we don’t do?

There’s not a lot actually. Except we don’t get involved with compliance or your actual client work. While our background in financial advice gives us unique insight into your business, we know you’re the expert when it comes to your clients.
We’re solely focused on the ‘business’ side of the operation.

Ready to start loving work, and life, again?


First schedule a free, no-hassle call with us and tell us what is keeping you up at night.


If we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll identify your challenges and develop a plan of action to overcome them.


Then, as an adjunct team member, we’ll come alongside you and your team to help you implement your plan.

How healthy is your business? Get a Wellness Check today

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We aim to be accessible to all, with retainer services from just $2000 a month. For financial advisors not yet ready for a full consulting engagement, you may find our ‘Wellness Check’ – a comprehensive business audit – will give you the insight you need to move forward. Not unlike gathering and collecting client data before putting together a financial plan, the Wellness Check looks at the big picture, then dives into the more relevant details, to make solid, actionable suggestions on how to improve your firm’s health. You can find out more here.


I was referred to Ginny by my Client Service Advisor at TD AmeriTrade. I knew we had some staffing issues but I was not sure where the “symptoms” we were experiencing were pointing. In my initial conversation with Ginny, I talked to her about having job descriptions for my staff. Ginny was able to help me realize that having job descriptions was just one of many steps involved in helping me put the right people in the right positions to be able to handle my firm’s explosive growth.

Ginny continues to work with me and my team in group calls and meetings and one-on-one to help us manage our growth and service our existing clients to the best of our ability. She has provided ideas and uses hands-on implementation to help us complete our action steps (which she assisted us in identifying) and reach our goals.

I would highly recommend you call Ginny and discuss your challenges with her.

David Frisch

President Frisch Financial Group

I first hired Ginny to assist me with our firm’s compensation and incentive plan.  After we hammered that out, we began to examine other areas of the firm.  Ginny helped me realize I needed a Chief Operating Officer and we have hired a superstar (which Ginny & her team assisted in).

We continue to work together tweaking systems to make them better and more efficient.  Ginny participates in our quarterly Traction meetings and brings ideas and resources to the table. She is a great sounding board for me, and I feel very comfortable discussing anything with her.  She is honest and direct in her feedback which many Entrepreneurs need to keep them moving forward and focused.

I highly recommend you give Ginny a call.

Paul Carroll

Principal & Senior Wealth Manager
Avion Wealth
The Woodlands,

I’ve hired and worked with a lot of consultants over the past three decades and for this very reason I was not interested in hiring another consultant to tell me what needs to be done and not have the ability to implement their recommendations and hang around and be accountable for the results, but I agreed to meet Ginny Hudgens at the behest of one of our vendors.

Ginny and I met for dinner and after some discussion, I decided to see what she had to offer. I completed her online questionnaire then she sent us a plan with recommendations and action steps. I called her a few days later and asked her when she could come to our offices and start working on her recommendations.

What differentiates Ginny from the rest of the pack is that she is does not expect you to do the work. She does it for you. What a refreshing difference. What most consultants don’t realize is that most entrepreneur’s don’t have the time to implement their recommendations. Ginny on the other hand knows that and that made all the difference for me and my firm.

Ginny has helped us realign our staff. She got rid of those employees who were not contributing and hired new employees who are highly motivated and came to us with “batteries included.” We now have what can only be described as the “Dream Team”.

With Ginny’s assistance, we now have a concrete marketing strategy in place and are ready to have one of our best years ever.

If Ginny invites you to dinner, I highly recommend you accept. It may just change your life and make you and your firm better.

Ron Roge

Chairman & CEO R.W. Roge & Company, Inc. Bohemia, NY

Want to stop feeling directionless and instead go live your best quality of life? Schedule a call today, we’re here to work with you to make this happen.