Never Circumvent Your Hiring Process. NEVER!

Having a hiring process – and sticking to it – is the best way to ensure that you will make a good hire. I’ve written about the TSI hiring process and it is also posted directly on our website, and it has been the single greatest tool to help our clients hire the best...

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Slow to Hire, Quick to Fire

Building a team of great employees who are all sitting in the right seats and rowing in the same direction can be the single most transformative thing that can move your business forward.  A great team not only breathes life and growth into the firm, it also...

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Document Your Processes and Finally Build Your Franchise!

In my most recent writing dated April 10, 2018, I talked about how to get buy-in on writing and using processes.  We all know why this is important…not just from an accountability standpoint but from the view of getting YOUR way of doing business” documented so...

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