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Call DatePresenterTopicLink
June 2014Cyndi German of Push.Nudge.ShoveThe Importance of Using Social Media6/4/2014 – The Importance of Using Social Media
May 2014Cody McArthur of Net DocumentsCloud-based document management systems5/7/2014 – Cloud-based document management systems
March 2014Damon Deru, founder of Trade Warrior, Inc.The benefits of trading and rebalancing software4/2/2014 – The benefits of trading and rebalancing software.
February 2014Leigh Jedeikin of inStreaminStream’s Productivity-Enhancing Software2/5/14 – inStream’s Productivity-Enhancing Software   (PDF)
January 2014Chris Winn of Advisor Assist2014 Compliance – Are You Ready?2014 Compliance – Are You Ready? (Powerpoint)   


Call DatePresenterTopicLink
November 2013Jennifer Goldman of My Virtual COOLatest Trends in Improving OperationsLatest Trends in Improving Operations
Presented by Jennifer Goldman of My Virtual COO
Alana Kohl of AdvisorPRFive Steps to DIY PRFive Steps to DIY PR
Presented by Alan Kohl 
August 2013Linda Stimac of RainmakerDNARainmakers – Facilitators of Decision MakingBusiness Development – the Realities of New Business Development
Presented by Linda Stimac creator/author of RainmakerDNA
June 2013Ginny Hudgens of The Strategic ImplementerWhat a Chief Admin Does and Why You Need OneWhat a Chief Admin Does and Why You Need One Now
Presented by Ginny Hudgens of the Strategic Implementer
May 2013Landon Jones of LRG Wealth ManagementOutsourcing Portfolio ManagementOutsourcing Your Investment Management
Presented By Landon Jones of LRJ Wealth Management
April 2013John Hill of Pinnacle Advisory GroupSuccession PlanningSuccession Planning
Presented by John Hill of Pinnacle Advisory Solutions
February 2013Damon Deru of TradeWarrior, Inc.Trading and Rebalancing SoftwareTrading and Rebalancing Software
Presented by Damon Deru of TradeWarrior, Inc.
January 2013Chris Winn of AdvisorAssistRegulatory ComplianceWhat’s New in Compliance for 2013
Presented by Chris Winn of AdvisorAssist


Call DatePresenterTopicLink
2012-11-07Naomi Scrivener, Back Office SolutionsOutsourcing Financial Planning: Is it a Good Fit for your PracticeOutsourcing Financial Planning: Is It A Good Fit for Your Firm by Naomi Scrivener of Back office Solutions
2012-10-03Laurie Gripshover-Taylor, Resourceful CoachTransitionsCoaching Clients Through Transitions Presented By Laurie Gripshover Taylor of Resourceful Coach
2012-09-12Don Whalen, Spectrum InputPreciseFPWorking With Data Gathering Software By Don Whalen of PreciseFP
2012-06-06Alex Murguia, inStream WealthinStream Financial Planning Software Presented by Alex Murguia
2012-05-02Dave Moran, Experienced Advisor RecruitingRecruiting Experienced AdvisorsRecruiting Experienced Advisors Presented by Dave Moran of Experienced Advisor Recruiting
2012-04-04Julien Mordecai, Principal/Consultant
All BackOffice
Pragmatic Quarterly ReportingPragmatic Quarterly Reporting Presented By Julien Mordecai of All BackOffice
2012-03-21Ginny Hudgens, Back Office AdvisorTime ManagementTime Management Presented By Ginny Hudgens of The Strategic Implementer
2012-03-07Jennifer Goldman, CFP, My Virtual COOReport from 2012 T3 ConferenceReport from 2012 T3 Conference Presented By Jennifer Goldman of MyVirtualCOO
2012-02-01Linda Stimac, CFP, RainmakerDNAThe Rainmaker ImperativeThe Rainmaker Imperative Presented By Linda Stimac of RainmakerDNA
2012-01-25Ginny Hudgens, Back Office AdvisorStrategic PlanningStrategic Planning for Financial Advisors Presented By Ginny Hudgens of The Strategic Implementer
2012-01-11Christopher Winn, Founder & Managing Principal of Advisor Assist2012 SEC to State Registration for AdvisorsSEC to State Registration Presented By Chris Winn of AdvisorAssist


Call DatePresenterTopicLink
2011-11-02Diane MacPhee CFP of DMAC ConsultingHow and When to Raise FeesHow and When to Raise Fees Presented By Diane MacPhee of DMAC Consulting
2011-10-05Peter McGratty, CFA, of Pinnacle Advisor SolutionsThe Impact of Turbulent Markets on the RIA Business ModelThe Impact of Turbulent Markets on the RIA Business Model Presented by Peter McGratty of Pinnacle Advisor Solutions
2011-09-14Janet Davis, CFP, CPA of Trusted Advisors ConsultingHelping Your Clients Avoid Common Tax TrapsHelping Your Clients Avoid Common Tax Traps Presented by Janet Davis CFP/CPA of Trusted Advisors Consulting
2011-08-03Wendy J. Cook of Wendy J. Cook CommunicationsImproving Communications with ClientsImproving Communications with Clients Presented by Wendy Cook of Wendy J Cook Communications
2011-06-08Jennifer Goldman of My Virtual COOInside the Emerging RIA PracticeInside the Emergin RIA Practice Presented by Jennifer Goldman of MyVirtualCOO
2011-03-28Ginny Hudgens, Back Office AdvisorMarketing-Just DO It!Marketing – Just Do It! Presented by Ginny Hudgens of The Strategic Implementer