How healthy is your Financial Advisory Firm?

Get a Wellness Check to uncover the real barriers holding back your business success

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Not sure why your business isn’t firing on all cylinders?

Most of us are happy to see our doctors for our annual “Wellness Check”.  It’s necessary to maintain our physical and personal wellbeing of ourselves and our loved ones. After all, these checks are the only way to see what’s happening under the surface, right? But when did you last check on the health and wellness of your Advisory firm? Looking “under the hood” of your day-to-day business operations will ensure the growth of your company long-term, but without that insight, you risk walking blindfolded into a crisis. For financial advisors not yet ready for a full consulting engagement, this service is a great first step to give you the insight you need to move forward.

The 8 Key Markers of Your Business Wellness Check

  • Strategy
  • Staff/team
  • Operations
  • Financials
  • Technology Choice & Integration
  • Services models
  • Marketing
  • Client-base

Identify what’s holding your business back

Oftentimes it’s easy to identify your struggles, but not necessarily where they originate from. Is it Marketing? Tech Integration? Business Operations? Staff? We’ll drill down into the detail and get to the root cause of what’s holding your Financial Advisory business back.

Understand how to prioritize the areas to focus on first

Each of the core components listed above has the ability to stifle overall growth and/or negatively impact the other areas, so it’s important to identify where the weak links lie within your business. Then you’ll know where to allocate your energy and budget to make the most impactful changes.

Get a clear plan and support to make change happen

We’ll help identify the key areas to focus on and set a clear path that will keep you focused on your objectives and moving forward. And, if you choose to hire us to implement it, you won’t be alone – we’re here to support you. We will come alongside you and your team and help you implement change along every step of the way.

wellness check

What does a business Wellness Check look like?

Your business Wellness Check is not unlike gathering and collecting data before you compile a financial plan for one of your own clients. First, we look at the big picture before diving into the detail, in order to make solid, actionable suggestions on how to improve your firm’s wellbeing. This isn’t a light-touch generic checklist. This is a comprehensive audit, geared toward your firm’s challenges, that focuses on the nooks and crannies and unearths the snags you’ll wish you’d picked up on years ago.


Your Wellness Check results –
empowering you with insight

After collecting, benchmarking and reviewing your data, you’ll receive recommendations based on our analysis and professional expertise in the financial services industry. Your report will include “Challenges and Recommendations” for each of the eight key areas. Recommendations may include additional team members required to building out a new compensation plan or even shedding the clients who no longer fit into your service model. The Strategic Implementer will then provide you with the resources, tools, and plan you need to bring up the lagging areas.

Ready to start loving work, and life, again?


First schedule a free, no-hassle call with us and tell us what is keeping you up at night.


If we’re a good fit to work together, we’ll identify your challenges and develop a plan of action to overcome them.


Then, as an adjunct team member, we’ll come alongside you and your team to help you implement your plan.

How we work with you

How you implement change for positive growth is up to you! We provide a suggested timeline for all recommendations to help narrow your focus and keep you on track – because no one wants to be stuck in the same place six months from now. You may have capacity to handle this internally, but if you’re strapped for time or bodies on the ground to make change happen, you can hire our team to take care of this for you, guiding you through the process and holding everyone accountable.

Your business health needs a regular check-up

Performing a wellness check of your financial advisory firm provides you with invaluable insights you can use to build the firm you envision. Compare data from regular wellness checks to identify progress or spot the obstacles stifling your growth. Don’t risk looking back in years to come and wonder, ‘what if?’. Schedule a call and get your Wellness Check today, knowing you’re doing everything possible to protect the health of your firm.