Life & Business Are Better with a Network: Join Us!

How often do you feel like you’re completely in the dark about what other financial advisors are doing? Sure, you can look them up online and scour their websites, but what is going on behind the scenes that are making all the difference? Being a financial advisor can get lonely in this respect. I know, because
I’ve been around them for most of my career. For the last 17 years, I’ve seen advisors struggle with this feeling of living and operating in a vacuum. There is this feeling of, “What is going on out there? What am I missing out on?”

Grappling with these feelings is difficult, because life and business can both be so much better (and by better, I mean easier) when you have a great network of people supporting you. Need a home renovation done? Ask your network for recommended service providers. Having car trouble? Phone your super handy neighbor before heading to the mechanic.
Searching for a reliable caregiver? Hire someone your network has already vetted and trusts.
But how can you do this in business if you rarely interact with other advisors?
LinkedIn might be a good place to start, but who really wants to share their struggles and challenges with other advisors they don’t know? It’s a little bit easier (and dare we say, less awkward) if you have a mutual

How Our Advisor Community Developed

When I started on my journey to help advisors reclaim control of their business and love what they do again, I never imagined the community that would form as a result. In my mind, I saw each of my clients as their own unique case—sort of an island unto themselves, as it were. But what evolved was even better.
What evolved was a community of purpose-driven, value-oriented advisors dealing with many of the same challenges, but each with a unique perspective and experience. What could we do with this? Well, of
course, as the common denominator, I used my experiences with one advisor to help another. This is par for the consulting business of course. The more I know, the more I can help. The more experience I gain, the more wisdom I have to share. But what if we took it one step further? What if we built a community of
like-minded individuals all working toward the same goal and let them lean on and learn from one another from time to time? What would this look like?

What Does Our Advisor Community Look Like in Practice?

I knew a TSI advisor community was going to be a great idea, but I had no idea how great. You see, hearing something from your business consultant is one thing, but hearing it from another advisor is another. Even though I have been in the finance space for 17 years, there is something about hearing from another person “in the thick of it” that can put our minds at ease. And at the end of the day, it’s not about me. It’s about helping my advisors succeed in the best way possible. Plus, we need this sense of community and camaraderie on our journey as business owners. Being a business owner is tough. We can experience the highest highs and lowest lows…all within the space of an hour (at times)! We need to be able to offer support and be supported through it all. It gives us a sense of purpose to offer support and a sense of belonging to receive it.

So, here’s an example of how our advisor community operates.

I recently had a client working with Black Diamond who was running into some trouble with getting the reports they wanted. It took them a couple of weeks to sort through it, but once they found the solution, they were rocking and rolling. Fast forward a few weeks and I have another client dealing with the same
issue. So, what did we do? We put the two advisors in touch. The first advisor could save the second advisor the headache of trial and error we had gone through a few weeks prior. Our experience was able to be shared in order to help another one of our own succeed.

Here’s another example:

We had an Advisor looking for a new phone system. Doesn’t sound all that complicated right? Wrong! Once you start looking around and see all the different solutions, it can quickly become very time-consuming and overwhelming. However, I had another client who had just done all the homework and found a great solution. Put them together and bingbang, the second advisor is saved hours of work.
These are just two small examples of how our tremendous community of advisors adds value to one another’s lives. Whether it’s troubleshooting a problem, taking initiative on a new project, or getting inspiration for a big internal business move, The Strategic Implementer community can help.

Join Our Community

Come be a part of this tremendous advisor community. Be a part of the company we keep. This community, combined with the help we give you from our one-on-one engagement, could be just what you need to take your advisory firm from where you are now to where you want to be. If being a part of this community is of interest to you, schedule a time with me to chat. During your complimentary 60-minute call, we can go over your current challenges and discuss what opportunities await you with The Strategic Implementer. Even if we decide we’re not a good fit for working together, I bet I can give you some takeaways to help solve some of your challenges.

Thanks for listening, Ginny
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